How to Supercharge a Fire TV or Stick with AppTuner


This guide will show you how to Supercharge a Fire TV or Stick with the brand new AppTuner‌ Software. This lightweight Windows Tool will get the maximum out of your Amazon Firestick or FireBox. After a few simple button clicks you can enjoy tons of FREE movies, series, tvshows, livetv and many more. In our last post we described How to Install and use the AppTuner Software. But we didn’t spent much time on explaining AppTuner’s most powerful feature called Batch Installer. With this method you are able to process several tasks like Install Apps, Install Kodi or Install Kodi Builds at once. This is like a free remote installation service at your place. Yes your heard right. You will get your Fully Loaded Kodi Stick within a few minutes, at your place, without paying a huge amount of money or dispatching your device.

How it’s done


Don’t worry, it’s very easy. Just follow follow the next steps. If you don’t have the AppTuner already installed. Please read our first post about the AppTuner or download the AppTuner right now.

Step 1: Enter the Batch Installer

After your Stick or Box was successfully detected by the AppTuner you have the option to click on the Batch Installer feature. Click on that button and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Download a sample AppTuner Configuration File

The AppTuner’s Batch Installer feature works with Configuration Files (*.atjson) which are packed with Installation Tasks. We predefined some sample Configuration Files with Kodi, Kodi Builds and Wizards as well as other Apps like Mobdro and Terrarium TV. Installing all this Apps and Builds onto your Firestick or Box normally causes a lot of annoying work and timeconsuming interactions with your Fire TV device. With this mothod you are already almost done.

In this step you choose and download your favorite Installation Package.

Installation Package 1: Kodi Krypton + Ares Wizard Preinstalled, Remote Mouse for Fire TV and Watchever

The Ares Wizard Repository/3rd party add-on is truly a must have for kodi. Next to Fusion/TVAddons, this is one of the most comprehensive repositories offering users Builds, Video Add-ons, Program Add-ons, etc, etc, etc.

Installation Package 2: Kodi Jarvis + Kodi UK Nemesis Build Preinstalled, Remote Mouse and Fox Sports Go

Nemesis is a lightweight, nice looking, simplified Kodi build. If all you want to do with Kodi is watch movies, sports games, TV shows and cartoons, this build has pretty much everything you need.

Installation Package 3Kodi Krypton + No Limits Build Preinstalled, TV now and Watchever

No Limits is a very useful and complete Build with everything expected from Kodi. It has all the popular add-ons installed such as Exodus and Phoenix.

Installation Package 3: Terrarium TV, MX Player, NEON Codec and IPVanish

Terrarium TV is the one of the biggest rising stars in the streaming scene. It provides tons of FREE and HQ 1080p HD TV Shows and Movies with almost no buffering. 

Step 3: Load an AppTuner Configuration File

Please click on LOAD AN APPTUNER CONFIG FILE and choose the *.atjson file you’ve downloaded in the previous step.


After you successfully added the *.atjson file you will see the available apps. Now you are ready to for the last step.

Step 4: Install Apps, Kodi with Plugins, Builds and Configurations

Now you have some cool Apps, like Kodi and TV Now loaded which you can all install by a simple click of the Play button

Step 5: Think About Your Privacy

The last step is optional. But we highly recommend you to use an affordable, cheap and fast VPN service to hide your footprints and access geo-blocked content. We have tested a lot of VPN services but only a few of them are worth it. Especially IPVanish VPN is the one, which worked best for us with FireTV´s and FireTV Sticks. CLICK HERE to read our post on how to install a VPN service on FireTV or FireTV Stick.

In our next tutorial we show you how to create your own AppTuner Configuration Files.

Short Video on How To Install Arez Wizard With the Batch Installer

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  1. Ray Melninkaitis June 6, 2017 at 7:55 pm - Reply

    No limits firestick lite will not load, stuck on prepare download

    • WAS June 6, 2017 at 8:50 pm - Reply

      The “prepare download” state can take up to 3 minutes. The rest should be very fast with a decent internet connection.

  2. K. P. June 8, 2017 at 6:37 am - Reply

    I think the best build i ever used is Pulse CCM.
    No downsides to that build at all!
    And runs decent on a not totally loaded fire stick.
    In regards to Streaming i have to mention that i use Expat Television IPTV service on my Kodi, as i’m not really into the on-off streams and the lack of quality in the free IPTV channels you can find in Kodi usually.

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