How To Install Secure VPN On Windows


Hello everyone! In our earlier guides we showed you how to install VPN on your FireTV or Stick and how to install VPN on Mac OS.  As we said in the past tutorials, setting up IPVanish VPN is possible for almost any platform. Some of you asked us, if its also possible to use it on your Windows computer. Sure it is! So we thought, why not create a blogpost with a step-by-step tutorial and show everybody how its done? Here is the guide.


Step 1: Get an IPVanish Account here. You will get the cheapest plan for the price of a pack of cigarettes :). So there´s nothing you can do wrong. You will receive your username and password. Keep your account information on a safe place.


Step 2: The guys from IPVanish did a very good job and created a windows application which can be downloaded from their website. Go to and click on the “Download Windows App” button. The app will be downloaded and you have everything you need to install VPN on your windows machine.


Step 3: Now you need to install the already downloaded IPVanish app. To do this, go to your “Downloads” Folder and start the installer ipvanish-setup.exe by double clicking on the file. Accept the shown licence agreement and continue with the installation process.


Step 4:
 After that you will also be asked to choose the destination location. Theres no need to change anything here. Just move on by clicking the “Next” button. A new window asks you to select the start menu folder. The following screenshot shows this window. Again, just leave it with the default and click on next.


Step 5:  Now you will be asked, if IPVanish VPN should create a shortcut on your Desktop. We recommend you to tick the checkbox in order to be able to start IPVanish directly from your desktop. Click on the “Next” button to continue.


Step 6:  Congratulations! The application is now installed on your windows pc. The following dialog will ask you, if you want to restart your computer. You should do that, to have a clean installation.


Step 7:  After the restart,  you should now see the IPVanish VPN icon on your desktop. Double click on the icon to start the application. 


Step 8: The login dialog of the application should now appear on your screen. You have to enter your IPVanish username and password and click on the “Remember me” button to save your credentials. This way, you dont need to login everytime when starting the application. The following screenshot shows the login screen.


Step 9: If you entered your credentials correctly, you´re logged in and should see the same like in the next screenshot. On the upper left corner you will see your real ip address and location which you want to hide. Just click on the connect button on the bottom right and see what happens ;).


Step 10: Tada!! Your now in Sofia, Bulgaria ;). Not really, but this is the location which everyone else will see if you visit their website. You are now absolutely safe and can do whatever you want to do without leaving any footprints. Maybe you already noticed, that your visible location as well as your ip address is different to your real one. One cool feature of IPVanish VPN is, that you can use VPN servers from 60+ countries manually and connect to them. You can follow the instructions of the next screenshot and click on “CONNECT” to switch to a different VPN server in another country. Thats it! Easy, huh? We hope you enjoyed our tutorial on how to install VPN on windows. Please leave a comment if you have any further questions or tips on how to improve this step-by-step guide.


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