How to Create Custom AppTuner Configuration Files


This guide will show you how to create your own Custom AppTuner Configuration files. If you want to see the AppTuner in action and download some sample AppTuner Configuration Files please also read the post on How to Supercharge a Fire TV or Stick with AppTuner.

Let’s get started

Step 1/5: Visit the AppTuner Configurator Website
Step 2/5: Get the download links for your custom Apps

In this excample we will create a Custom AppTuner Configuration with Kodi and SPMC. So we need to get the download URL’s for this two Apps. The Procedure is always the same. You go to the official Websites of the App Vendors and right-click on the ARMV7A (32BIT) Buttons/Links and press Copy Link Address.

Get download link for Kodi

So go to and click on the Android Icon. After that you right-click on the ARMV7A (32BIT) Button and click on Copy link address.


(Optional) You may check if the the url is correct by pasting the link into your browser’s address bar. Now you can press enter to check if the apk is downloading correctly.

Get download link for SPMC

Go to and right-click on the ARM32 APK: link and click on Copy link address.

Step 3/5: Add the download links to the AppTuner Configurator

Now you can past the links into your Custom AppTuner Configuration via the AppTuner Configurator interface.

After you are done, the Custom Configuration should look like this.

Step 4/5: Download your AppTuner Custom Configuration

Click the Arrow Down Button to download your AppTuner Custom Configuration. Now you can give your Custom Configuration a specific name.

Step 5/5: Add your Custom Configuration File to the AppTuner’s Auto Installer

Now your are ready to test your AppTuner Configuration File. We already released a detailed post on how to open and execute Configuration Files with AppTuner which you can read by clicking HERE.

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